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Compulsive is a puzzle videogame developed by TMSOFT. It is available for both Android and iOS systems. The main aim in this title is simple: you have to match tiles of the same color to destroy them and score points. Although it may seem like nothing special at first, Compulsive can be highly addictive once you get used to its simple mechanics.

Compulsive is a good choice for casual gaming, as the games are brief enough (60 seconds long) so you can easily pick up and put down if you have the willpower. Compulsive is addictive because of its simplicity; making blocks explode and fill the screen with smooth colors is rewarding and keeps you glued to your phone as you try to beat your own highscore or a friend’s score - it's a time-swallowing monster of an app!

Loads of Colors

The gameplay mechanics of this title are similar to other puzzle games such as Bejeweled, but this one has some special features: normally you'll have to swap a block with the adjacent one to connect them, but Compulsive allows you to move those blocks wherever you want across the entire screen. If a block connects with a group of at least 3 tiles of the same color, those will break, giving you a certain amount of points depending on how big the colored surface was. You can set up other blocks on the board so when you clean a group, others will follow, creating chain combos. Additionally, there are some glowing tiles that quickly change colors. Those can be dragged next to any color you want, breaking all the tiles of that color on the board.

The main goal of Compulsive is to match tiles of the same color in order to destroy them and score points

Compulsive is a simple game, perhaps one of the simplest I’ve ever seen. That is not a bad thing, except there are limitations. This title could have offered more options to customize timing, more special blocks to help you out or even additional modes. Compulsive only offers two ways to play: a regular mode of 60 second matches and a multiplayer mode in which players compete in best-of-three matches with identical boards to clean.

Compulsive 2.1.1 Features

Here you can check out the features of this entertaining app before you download it:

  • Highly addictive puzzle: match the colors to clean the board
  • Visually charming: enjoy bright colors and smooth animations as you destroy blocks
  • Multiplayer mode available: compete against friends in best-of-three matches
  • Quick gameplay: clean as many blocks as you can in 60 seconds
  • Facebook leaderboards: climb up to achieve the highest score and share it with your friends

If you are interested in Compulsive and need additional information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: Android 2.2 or higher/ iOS 5.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 18 MB free space for Android/ 17.7 MB free space for iOS