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Robocop is a shooting videogame developed by Glu Games. It is available for both Android devices and those using iOS. This app comes as a complement to Robocop’s reboot in theaters. You have to follow the android police as he tries to restore peace through the decayed streets of Detroit. Note that this game doesn’t follow the plot of the movie, so you won’t find any spoilers during the gameplay.

Robocop is played from an over-the-shoulder perspective; take cover and shooting enemies down to succeed. The structure of this title is similar to the one presented in the popular Deer Hunter 2014. There are several types of mission split into five different tiers, each with their own requisite equipment to play. You will find training missions, escalation (progressively harder missions) and daily hunts.

The main objective in Robocop is to complete in missions to earn credits. You can use credits to purchase and upgrade to new armor, equipment and guns, allowing you to access more difficult missions for ever greater rewards. Every armor and weapon has it's own power tree. You can unlock nodes to develop those trees using cash earned in missions, in order to improve some aspects such as damage, accuracy, firing rate or to reduce overheating.

Protect and Serve

Robocop can be described as a cover shooting gallery game. You have to defeat your rivals whilst you dodge grenades and take cover behind obstacles. One thumb is used to look around and aim; the other shoots and stands. You are free to use special equipment to scan enemies for their weak spots or deploy automatic drones to auto-attack. When the focus bar is full, you can tap on several targets and take them out simultaneously.

You can use credits to purchase and upgrade to new armor, equipment and guns

Robocop has loads of guns at his disposal such as SMGs (Sub Machine Guns), Shotguns, Miniguns, Electric Guns and even Plasma Guns. However, these weapons are not available unless you purchase them, which in most cases is expensive. Each weapon has it's own special traits, but all of them share the 'overheat' trait. This happens when you keep firing for a long time; your gun overheats and becomes useless for a short time.

Upgrade your weapons using in-game currency
Upgrade your weapons using in-game currency

Robocop 1.0.3 Features

Check out the features of Robocop before you download it:

  • Fight your way through, defeating loads of enemies in combat simulations
  • Use special equipment such as attack drones or scans to defeat large enemy groups
  • Upgrade your weapons and robotic armor using the finest technology
  • Wide range of weapons available: SMGs, Shotguns, Plasma Guns, Miniguns, etc.
  • Fight against dangerous robots from the movie such as the ED-209 and the EM-208

If you are interested in this app and need additional information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: Android 2.1 or later/ iOS 5.1 or later
  • Hard disk: 81 MB of free space for Android/ 95.6 MB available for iOS