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Mega Jump 2 1.0.1

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Choose your character and jump to reach the highest score possible

By Ellie Teller

On Friday, March 11, 2016

Mega Jump 2 is one of those games that may not look too appealing, as its graphics aspect look like half 3D, half cartoon and everything in it looks so generic. But we are all wrong, my dear friends. Mega Jump 2 is fun as hell. In fact, it is one of the few chosen games I keep in my phone. The game deals with a bunch of adorable characters ranging from the regular orange dinosaur to a fox or a penguin, each one with unique abilities that vary the duration of some buffs. You have to progress by collecting tokens and coins that serve you as “fuel” to keep your character jumping. Let me explain myself: you can jump on the platforms and use them to get higher, but coins and tokens will also make you rise. Coins will be later used to improve the power up duration or get prize boxes that contain even more coins, characters and buffs.


  • The tilt mechanics work just fine
  • A wide range of characters to choose from


  • Overall, the game looks a bit generic
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Can you jump higher than your own height ? ?

By Frank Kanyua

On Friday, October 10, 2014

Mega Jump 2 is a runners game only available on phone devices. This title is another series of the Mega Jump. The game has been changed and all the levels have been cut short into one endless game

In this game you have ton make sure you stay in the air in-order to survive.You can do this by picking ruby which are displayed everywhere,but not all of them are worth the same value.When you finally fill up you strength bar you will be relieved from your enemies for sometime then they will come back.

In this series you can gain the ability to use different characters,but this is only possible if you complete certain tasks as the game continues.Daily offers are available everyday and an upgrade is scheduled every two weeks. This game is just brilliant you have to be quick on the eye to meet your required objectives. Once the game is continuing you will be offered prizes which you can then redeem for upgrades.


This game will offer you major boost as you go along and you can buy power ups,boosts and even head stats...As you make your way through the game,the speed will increase and this is when the fun begins...


  • the game is free .
  • you can buy more power ups


  • power ups don't last long
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Mega Jump 2 is an endless runner videogame developed by Get Set, only available on iOS devices. This title is the sequel to the original Mega Jump. The main objective has slightly changed, as there are no levels now. Instead, Mega Jump 2 brings an open-ended level in which the aim is to jump as high as you can.

This new approach is a fresh coat of paint for Mega Jump’s original formula. The absence of different levels makes this app a non-stop playing experience. You have to cover the highest distance possible, either by bouncing off enemies or using coins and gems to propel yourself. Those coins can be used later to purchase boosts, upgrades or new characters.

Mega Jump 2 brings an open-ended level in which the aim is to jump as high as you can

One of the best things about this new title is the Mega Mode. There are loads of color gems scattered around the scenario, and you have to take them to keep yourself in the air. As you take them, a bar starts filling, depending on the color of the gems (try to catch the red ones!). When the bar is full, you enter the Mega Mode. In this mode there are no enemies, the speed dramatically increases and loads of gems and coins will suddenly appear onscreen. After a short period of time, Mega Mode ends.

To make things even more interesting, Mega Jump 2 has some adventures that you have to complete in order to receive a special gift box. There are a wide range of objectives to fulfill such as achieving a certain score, using a specific power-up or even defeating certain enemies. Gift Boxes can contain extra coins, boosts or colored Eggs, which contain hidden characters.

Upgrade to Succeed

This title is not especially difficult, but there are some points you may need some extra help with. Don’t worry, this title has the power-ups to keep you jumping. You are free to purchase different boosts such as Over Shield to protect you against enemies, a Score Boost and a Mega Start that boosts 250m at the start of the game. You can also skip some adventures if you get stuck. However, skipping adventures can be expensive, so you better try to complete them.

Additionally, you can use coins to upgrade the different power-ups available so they last longer. Magnets attract every coin and gem around you, Embiggenate makes you huge for a while, Double Score is pretty self-explanatory and Fireball boosts your speed and makes you immune to enemies. Last but not least, you can upgrade the Mega Mode, which is the most useful power-up in the game.

Mega Jump 2 1.0.1 Features

Check out the features of Mega Jump 2 before you download it:

  • Jump as high as you can in different settings such as a paradise beach, a canyon or a forest
  • Unlock different characters with unique abilities, like Stanley, Pepper or Rosie
  • Use boosts and power-ups such as the Fireball to jump higher than ever
  • Compete against other iOS users thanks to Game Center integration
  • Complete different adventures to receive gift box rewards

If you are interested in this app and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: iOS 7.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 63 MB of free space