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create your own recreation park with dinasors and let people come there

By Benson Mutwiri

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016

create your own recreational park and make sure that the dinasours have an ample time there and the building such as the visitors centre has been developed so well such that more vsitors can come and visit the jurassic park.There are several parks in the game such as aquatic park that you can develop some new paths for water to pass through here and when you reach the top mist level which is level 20 then the glacier park will be opened up.When you complete a certain challenge you are given a notification and then there are some coins for you to collect so that you can activate some more power ups as you go on to the next level in the game.In short what missons do give you is xp as well as some money.The game is so graphical the animals look like they are so real and also you the park builder you look so very real and there is a market that you buy all the other activations.


  • game play is very intresting
  • i enjoyed playing the game a lot


  • some lags were experienced when playing the game
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Build your own dinosaur park anywhere and anytime, with this entertaining app for iOS under license from Jurassic Park.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jurassic Park Builder is the last official game of the saga to reach iOS -after irregular episodes set in the genre of adventure carried out by Telltale Games-, and is to date the most fun and complete. Jurassic Park Builder, proposes something as interesting as attractive: build your own Jurassic Park. For this, and as owners of the island, we start from scratch, trying to avoid the mistakes of the past. As the games that share genre, Jurassic Park Builder starts giving a series of commands and tips so that habituemos us your gameplay mechanics, which he said by the way, is not difficult to master.

At first, our park will have basic facilities. A visitor center and research, a couple of berths to receive supplies from the mainland and a lone dinosaur. Jurassic Park Builder has a number of basic resources with which we have to deal and manage to avoid falling into bankruptcy or losing too much time: feed for herbivores, meat for carnivorous dinosaurs, gold coins and dollars. We will rely on them to advance and expand our private zoo, as the shortage of these elements one can leave us a playable impasse which cost us a lot out. Everything, or almost everything in Jurassic Park Builder is charged -feeding the dinosaurs, build new items and buildings-which can be in gold or last, very scarce--these tickets.

The first steps will lead us to build a number of ways to enter the premises-a dinosaur and start triceratops- get profitability. Each dinosaur attracts a number of visitors, and generates a number of benefits, which fluctuate depending on their attractiveness as-the carnivorous species, like the T-Rex or Velociraptor- or more known dinosaurs generate more money-and its position in -not park is to have the same paragraph in the middle of nowhere surrounded by decorative elements that, as plants-. Once we are clear about this, we will continue with another of the basic needs of the park: the care of animals. Each beast has a number of levels, which will be touring and up depending on us to give them food and money to generate, so keep them well fed is basic, and very necessary for our overall progress, which is measured in experience and that will mean that weigh us to get more level-face.

In turn, and as usual in games of this type, we will propose different missions and objectives -through some of the characters from the movies


  • The main attraction of our park is also the main attraction of the application: the dinosaurs
  • Its interface is very well developed and intuitive


  • You need some time to start being entertained
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control a park and manage and take care of the dinosaurs in that park and

By Pascal Martins

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be a manager and perform the work of ensuring effectiveness in a park let us see how it works with you! Download it now to enjoy but I will give you the guidelines by writing this review.In short I saw this games main objective is to know how well the dinosaurs in the area live with people I mean you have to take care of them like little kids and watch what they eat.There are some people who came to chill out in the park because it is a public park and therefore you as the manager of the park their welfare is supreme.This game is ok and it is fun to play especially if you love playing with animals


You can unlock some of the dinosaurs that are more superior to others

The game play is just ok

The levels keep on getting much harder


I enjoyed playing this game


  • there are different creatures in the game
  • i had mad fun playing the game


  • there is n basic mission to follow so after a short time the game becomes very boring
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • gamingand having great fun in and spending time being able to enjoy the amazing this wrapped around this game becaus ei love dinasour games and love to play them thank you

  • gaming when i am bored and have nothing left to do and want to be entertained for a little while with my computer and things or somehing like that

  • to play Jurassic park builder and get the game that wont reguire me to by from itunes or anything like that. thank you for letting me use your program

  • for playing why are you asking me that I have to fill out so much here wow still 60 chars left hmm oh well then I will just dumdidum and so on

  • i am downloading this game because im very interested in plying this new game for jurassic park movie and people have told me that its amazing

What similar programs have you used?
  • for playing playing and enjoying the gnme when one is in my house or no one wants to play with me helo jk j,h nnhrrjfrefjr3fvjtrg jjs usnha

  • A.old similar programme i have used in my computer because I have no new program and I wanted to play jurassic park builder so thats why i need you

  • The Simpsons tapped out, family guy game and I'm not sure what else to write and i'm now just using all the characters because it's too short

  • jurassic park builder old version we are use in android mobile it is so borring that why i have play your game to l like very much your game k


What do you like most about this program?
  • I am interested in dinosaurs and you can build your own park. I like to use my imagination and create something really different. I enjoy building

  • Fantasy world with real life reference on the famous movies along with knowledge around the various types of prehistoric animals and the era

  • about this program i really like all because i can download my favorite games in every moment i want and that's so cool in my opinion seriously

  • it's about dinosaurs witch are my favorite animal ever that is why that i want to download this app on my laptop computer thanks for listening

  • I like Dinosaurs, and that I had this game previously on my phone and tablet. Also I am Jurassic Parks biggest fan, since I have watched all of the movies.


Jurassic Park Builder is a city building game developed by Ludia. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This title is set within the groundbreaking Jurassic Park world where players build Jurassic Park from the ground up, by creating different habitats for the dinosaurs, decorations and other buildings to attract more visitors.

This game gives players the ability to build a faithful recreation of the original Park from the movie. There are loads of dinosaurs available, and most iconic buildings are there, such as the Visitor Center where the T-Rex fights against the raptors. Moreover, popular characters like Hammond or Alan Grant will guide you through this adventure, providing different missions that reward you with more food for your hungry beasts or money to keep expanding your park.

This game gives players the ability to build a faithful recreation of the original Park from the movie

If Nublar Island (the starting location) is not enough for you, Jurassic Park Builder also offers different environments for creating a park. Once you reach a high enough level, the Aquatic Park will become available. This is an underwater area in which you are free to create new habitats for water species and other buildings. Even better, when you reach level 20, Glacier Park will be unlocked.

Prehistoric Fun

In the original film, the Park is spiralling out of control because of a tropical storm and the actions of Dennis Nedry, a character who tries to steal embryos from the island. Don’t worry, you won´t see Dennis’ face when Jurassic Park Builder is loading (You didn’t say the magic word!), but there are some serious tropical storms, admittedly only in the main Park.

You can start Red Alert Mode when the Jurassic Park logo turns red and starts to glow. Once you tap on it, a storm will start and your prehistoric beasts will get anxious as they try to break the fences to escape. You have to tap on them before it is too late. However, the more you wait until you tap, the more money you will earn, so it’s worth the risk.

Building your own park is great, but we all like some Jurassic action sometimes! The game offers a new Battlefield Mode in which you can battle using your dinosaurs in Pokémon-style combats, either against AI-controlled opponents or friends. You will receive rewards after winning a battle such as bills, food or money.

Missions give you XP and money
Missions give you XP and money

Jurassic Park Builder 4.4.7 Features

Check out the features of this app before you download it:

  • Over 94 different species to collect and rear
  • Build three different parks: Nublar Island, Underwater Park and Glacier Park
  • Enjoy 3D scenarios, models and animations
  • Battle against AI-controlled opponents or friends in Battlefield Mode
  • Complete missions to progress and reap the rewards

If you are interested in this app and need additional information before you download it, feel free to check out the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app correctly are:

  • Operating system: iOS 5.0 or later/ Android 2.3 or later
  • Hard disk: 166 MB free space for iOS/ 18 MB available for Android