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Jurassic Park Builder 4.4.7

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jurassic park builder is a free download game played online

By Merci Johnson

On Thursday, November 19, 2015


This is a very interesting mobile game whereby you assume the role of the owner of the park and you make sure everybody is safe so long as they are in the park. You will make sure that the visitors are safe and comfortable and the dinosaurs are happy as well. You must make sure that the park is an exceptional like any other out there. You can also breed new species of dinosaurs which evolve into powerful creatures.

You can manage your little resources so that you are able to feed your dinosaurs well like meat, crops, fish etc. fish and crustaceans and meant for bigger and powerful dinosaurs. After you progress with your park so well you can unlock underwater facilities to allow you breed new species of dinosaur by unlocking DNA sequence. By doing this you can now take the most powerful dinosaurs to the arena to compete with other wild beast for supremacy .


This is a very interesting game to play on a mobile phone.


  • you breed new species in your park
  • it is a free download game


  • too difficult to feed dinosaurs
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Create your own park and make your dinosaurs fight in the arena!

By Ellie Teller

On Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jurassic Park builder is a mobile game that puts you in the shoes of the owner of Jurassic Park. It is your duty to ensure the visitors are safe, the dinosaurs are happy and everything works as it should do. The game is like many other building simulators out there, with an exception. You can breed new species of dinosaurs and level them up so they evolve into powerful creatures.

You have to manage some basic resources that are used to feed the dinosaurs: meat, crops, fish and crustaceans. These last two are meant for the aquatic dinosaurs. Yes, there are aquatic dinosaurs! Once you progress enough with your park you will unlock the underwater facilities that allow you breed new species by unlocking their complete DNA sequence Moreover, you can take your most powerful dinosaurs to battle in the arena. This is a turn based battle in which your dinosaurs compete for supremacy against other dangerous beasts.


  • Tons of dinosaurs and details right from the movies
  • The battle arena is a nice upgrade to the original game


  • As all these kind of games, takes forever to get big
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you are going to have the task of building a park and then you name it jurrasic park and out all the facilities in it

By Pascal Kashamuka

On Friday, November 27, 2015

awesome graphics even before i embark on the journey of writing this review i would like to comment on the graphics first wow they look for real and the animals for example the dianasors they also look for real.You are having materials and then create and manage this jurassic park the way you would manage your own property.What you are going to concetrate on is also ensuring that the dianors do not in any way harm the visitors to your park the park you are going to be very beautiful for example it will have a stream of water flowing and then you can develop a very big gate in which you will put a very big sign post over there and then you name it jurassic park.There are enough raw materials to develop the park and make it as beatiful as you want it to look like it is an intresting game that will make you keep on playing it over and over gain i reaaly enjoyed the game play.


  • the game plai is so intresting
  • the graphics are in the 3d form


  • it can addict you very much if you are used to playing it.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Hello fellas, iam going to use this game for medical research cuase i someday want to be a true dino doctor ! those poor creatures have been tortured since millions of years! #helpthedinos

  • for playing games and enjoy every day at the beginnining you have a triceratopa and you must doing him a huge dinosauro.after it you can groing up another of them

  • Playing with my son to develop his thought processes in a setting which is close to his area of interest. I really can't think of anything el

  • I am going to use this program just for fun my self and nothing gonna wrong with it. So let me in this game beacause i love dinosaurus a lot

  • For Gameplay and upload it on youtube maybe play in some free time its gonna be awesome if it works right? i hope this is right answer to you

What similar programs have you used?
  • unsure. i am setting this up for my son, trying anyways, we have no idea on what programmes we have used. Roblox is another game he plays online.

  • dinosaur builder and hunt for freeJurassic park.400 people like to vist us and see the dinosaurs in our cave. But we will build new dinosaur

  • Smile Rancher by IGG v0.2.2 and that is all I have used because this is to short for you guys now let me download the game please ok thanks!

  • for playing playing and enjoying the gnme when one is in my house or no one wants to play with me helo jk j,h nnhrrjfrefjr3fvjtrg jjs usnha

  • A.old similar programme i have used in my computer because I have no new program and I wanted to play jurassic park builder so thats why i need you

What do you like most about this program?
  • its faster than other sites that i have looked up for the download of the game jurassic park builder on a pc computer. i also like that it is free

  • i love that the program has many cool feautres and very quick downloading wich is not normal for any other sites. This site is very special.

  • dinosaurs and i like the fact that i casn build my own jurassic park its very interesting and i guess a lot of fun as well moreover i think

  • it's about dinosaurs witch are my favorite animal ever that is why that i want to download this app on my laptop computer thanks for listening

  • i think u guys are doing quite fine and this game is 1 of my favriote dinosuar games ever builed its like a mirical and it really fun thanks for creating it


Jurassic Park Builder is a city building game developed by Ludia. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This title is set within the groundbreaking Jurassic Park world where players build Jurassic Park from the ground up, by creating different habitats for the dinosaurs, decorations and other buildings to attract more visitors.

This game gives players the ability to build a faithful recreation of the original Park from the movie. There are loads of dinosaurs available, and most iconic buildings are there, such as the Visitor Center where the T-Rex fights against the raptors. Moreover, popular characters like Hammond or Alan Grant will guide you through this adventure, providing different missions that reward you with more food for your hungry beasts or money to keep expanding your park.

This game gives players the ability to build a faithful recreation of the original Park from the movie

If Nublar Island (the starting location) is not enough for you, Jurassic Park Builder also offers different environments for creating a park. Once you reach a high enough level, the Aquatic Park will become available. This is an underwater area in which you are free to create new habitats for water species and other buildings. Even better, when you reach level 20, Glacier Park will be unlocked.

Prehistoric Fun

In the original film, the Park is spiralling out of control because of a tropical storm and the actions of Dennis Nedry, a character who tries to steal embryos from the island. Don’t worry, you won´t see Dennis’ face when Jurassic Park Builder is loading (You didn’t say the magic word!), but there are some serious tropical storms, admittedly only in the main Park.

You can start Red Alert Mode when the Jurassic Park logo turns red and starts to glow. Once you tap on it, a storm will start and your prehistoric beasts will get anxious as they try to break the fences to escape. You have to tap on them before it is too late. However, the more you wait until you tap, the more money you will earn, so it’s worth the risk.

Building your own park is great, but we all like some Jurassic action sometimes! The game offers a new Battlefield Mode in which you can battle using your dinosaurs in Pokémon-style combats, either against AI-controlled opponents or friends. You will receive rewards after winning a battle such as bills, food or money.

Missions give you XP and money
Missions give you XP and money

Jurassic Park Builder 4.4.7 Features

Check out the features of this app before you download it:

  • Over 94 different species to collect and rear
  • Build three different parks: Nublar Island, Underwater Park and Glacier Park
  • Enjoy 3D scenarios, models and animations
  • Battle against AI-controlled opponents or friends in Battlefield Mode
  • Complete missions to progress and reap the rewards

If you are interested in this app and need additional information before you download it, feel free to check out the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app correctly are:

  • Operating system: iOS 5.0 or later/ Android 2.3 or later
  • Hard disk: 166 MB free space for iOS/ 18 MB available for Android